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ROBINSON TOURS was founded in 1995 as a family enterprise, and has until now become one of the largest and most determinant tour operators. Thank to many successful projects and partnerships, the range and quality level of our services have been widening and improving year after year. Our major goal is to constantly provide high level services to our customers in every corner of the country. Headquartered in Balatonfüred on the shore of Lake Balaton, our firm has branches in several cities in the country: we are present in Budapest with two branch offices and two in Hévíz. Our enterprise specialises first of all in Eastern-European countries. Our guests come mainly from Russia and Ukraine, but we also receive tourists from Moldova, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Bulgaria, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Baltic States and the Scandinavian countries as well. The enterprise is 100% Hungarian property, and led by György Jakócs, Áron Jakócs and Ildikó Jakócs. Working with a professional team, our work is supported by native Russian and Ukrainian managers, guides and interpreters.

Scope of our major activities:

Our company plays an important role in building and developing relationships in tourism between Hungary and the CIS countries. We are in contact with every important hotel in Hungary, and several ones in Vienna, Bratislava and Slovenia are also our partners. All the visitors coming to us will find the accommodation that fits them from the lowest category to the highest exclusive ones. We make every effort to satisfy all their needs with the widest possible range of services; so we offer not only accommodation and air tickets but cultural, religious, sporting, medical and health tourism programmes with an increasingly wide and colourful range of optional excursions as well. With our programmes, we want to achieve that our guests have the most pleasant time possible while here.

We have increasing sales figures year after year. Our main profile is health tourism where Hungary is a superpower. Hévíz has been introduced to the Russian market by Robinson Tours. It is no coincidence that Hévíz is the favourite destination among Russian customers. Budapest, Sárvár, Bük, Kehidakustány, Zalakaros and Harkány are also very popular destinations, and even small thermal locations are becoming increasingly popular.

Robinson Tours has been organizing outbound trips since 2001, and we have a proper reason to say that we specialize in Bulgaria. Our customers can reach the selected destinations by buses and charter flights. The number of those using charter flights is on the increase year after year. Apart from Bulgaria, we have our own tours to Turkey. Apart from this, Egypt, Albania, Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Russia and Ukraine are the destinations where our tours are organized by ourselves.

Beside of these our company is fond of rowing and other water sport activities. Our president is a world champion in masters’ category, so we kindly support any sport competitions.

We are glad to help the Hungarian Rowing Federation during this Masters World Championship.

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